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Career in SEO in India in 2021?

Are you planning to become an SEO expert? 

That is great pal! But do you know whether a career in SEO in 2021 can give you a promising future or not? 

Are you sure that SEO is the right career path for you?

Well, don’t scratch your head and get confused about whether to choose SEO as a career option or not as we are here with a sure shot guide on Career in SEO in 2021. 

Let’s get started!!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Before opting for a career in SEO in 2021 you must know what SEO means.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, Every hour a new website is being launched on the internet and so does the on these websites grow each day.

SEO helps in getting a high rank of a website. The more the brand is visible and is reaching its audience the more it gets rank. SEO helps in getting a high ranking by applying two methods: keyword research on the full websites and individual pages.

So, it can be said that the most important job of opting for a career in SEO in India is to stand out and make visible the content of the website or brand.

Importance of SEO in 2021?

It is evident that SEO plays a vital role in making your site successful and stand out in comparison to other websites.

When a user searches for a certain keyword on the search bar then the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)provide some suggestions of some top web pages and it can be rightly said that a visitor or user would click on the top pages which are reflected on the Search Engine Result Pages.

If you want your site to be successful and gained organic traffic then Search Engine Optimization is important to get a high-ranking website.

Moreover, a website which is search engine optimized will be most successful and make better customers in comparison to those which are not.

For example, two sites are selling the same kind of products or services. One of them is search engine optimized and the other one is not.

If a user searches the keyword related to the products and services sold by these sites, it is more likely that the website with Search Engine Optimization will have a better rank position in comparison to the one which is not.

So customers are likely to trust and use the service from the search engine optimized website.

Scope in SEO in India in 2021?

Now the next important question that you need to ask yourself is what is the scope in SEO in India in 2021?

The scope in SEO in India in 2021 is increasing as there is a huge demand for SEO Services not only in India but also globally.

It does not matter if a person’s website is small or big all of them are looking for the best way to be on the first page of ranking and this can be only possible by getting their websites Search Engine Optimization. 

Is SEO a good career option in India in 2021?

The digital world is expanding every day and the need for search engine optimization is also increasing with it.

The more content is loaded on each website the more is the competition of website ranking increasing and with that is increasing the career opportunities of SEO.

The more leads a website generates organically the more sales it will generate and it will generate more revenue also.

Moreover, digital experts have predicted that a group of digital marketing is going to be at its peak in the coming years. So it can be said that the scope of SEO in India is expanding with each passing day.

The average income of an SEO expert?

Well, the average income of an SEO expert varies from one job profile to another. The income of an SEO expert actually depends on the skills and specializations that the person has. 

With increasing SEO knowledge, an SEO expert can also earn sound money. 

Different roles of an SEO expert and their salary? 

Everything has come online today, with this the need for a Search Engine optimized website has also increased.

Some of the career options for you are that you can be an SEO expert in working in a corporate company which can make you earn sound money.

You can even work as a Freelancer and work from home as the requirement of SEO experts are pretty much high.

If you are an SEO expert when you can even provide SEO courses online as well as offline which can help you earn a lot of money. The scope of SEO in India in 2021 is high.

Is SEO a good career option in India in 2021?

Now, what are the career options in SEO in India that you can choose if you are going to be an SEO expert?

Various SEO job opportunities can help in getting a successful career in India. 

With the changing world and the pandemic situation, the online dynamics have changed a lot. And so the demand for SEO has also increased. So, the Scope of SEO in India is soaring high India. 

What is the average income of an SEO Expert?

Now comes the most important question, “How much does an SEO expert earn?”

There are different job profiles in SEO. They are:

SEO Trainee:

If you have just started your career as an SEO expert then the job profile that fits you is a job as a Trainee.

SEO trainee can be regarded as a beginner level job which will help you in getting good jobs in reputed companies and SEO training can earn up to between Rs.96,000-1,44,000 per annum.

SEO Trainer:

The person who trains SEO trainees is an SEO trainer. The job of a trainer is to resolve the queries and guide trainees to understand SEO techniques better. An SEO trainer can earn between Rs. 60,000- 8,40,0000 per annum.

SEO Analyst:

The job profile of an SEO analyst is to perform keyword searches and identify the trending keywords in the market.

An SEO analyst has a lot of different jobs to perform when it comes to optimizing landing pages and making the website page rank higher. An SEO analyst can earn between Rs. 2,40,000-3,24,000 per annum.

SEO Strategist:

The job of an SEO strategist is to analyze, review, implement and change required information on the website for optimization. An SEO strategist can earn between Rs. 3,00,000-3,60,000 per annum.

SEO Consultant:

An SEO consultant looks upon companies’ strategies by planning to implement and managing the strategies. An SEO consultant can earn between Rs. 3,30,000-6,00,000 per annum.

SEO Manager:

The job profile when SEO manager is to coordinator implement campaigns and programs of SEO and SEM for the company or client. An SEO manager can earn between Rs. 3,60,000-5,40,000 per annum.

SEO Director:

An SEO director can be regarded as the department head of an SEO Agency. An SEO director looks upon the overall performance of the SEO and design strategies to improve the SEO campaigns. An SEO Director can earn between Rs. 9,60,000-18,00,000 per annum.

How you can start SEO in India in 2021?

If you are thinking about starting and career in SEO in India in 2021 then you must keep in mind that the beginning of doing any work is often the hardest. But over time will able to know how to start your own SEO business or work under a reputed company to get a stable job in SEO. 

What skills do you need to start a career in SEO in India in 2021?

The very first thing that you can do is to take an SEO course to learn SEO deeply. 

Various offline and online courses are provided by reputed institutes all over the country from which you can choose the right course for you. 

By taking these courses you can easily learn about SEO and also optimizing websites. The more you know about optimizing websites the more you will improve in learning the strategies of SEO.

You can also work at a digital marketing company so that you can learn SEO and optimizing websites from the base and practically by taking a job as a Trainee you will be able to learn a lot about the concept of SEO and how you can rank a website.

After learning and getting enough knowledge related to SEO you can take on some SEO clients and offer them your SEO expert advice or even help to optimize their website.

One of the most important things that you should focus on is that you should get an online SEO certificate or degree which will help you get better opportunities in your SEO career. The more certificate and degrees you have related to the more will your SEO career progress. 

There are a lot of skills that you need to acquire to become an SEO expert. Some of the abilities are:

  • You need to find out high and low competition keywords. 
  • You need to know how to access HTML and use it
  • Learn the basic knowledge of inserting and finding keywords on a website or web-page.
  • You must have a beginner level knowledge of Advanced copy-writing skills.
  • You need to learn about Data Analytics and keyword research.
  • Apart from them you also need to know more about web content and link building.
  • Also, you need to have basic knowledge of writing and research.
  • One of the most important thing that you need to focus you need to know how to use SEO tools like Raven, Moz and other and also should know competitor analysis. 

How to build a successful career in SEO in India in 2021?

You can build a successful career in SEO in India in 2021 by learning all the required skills that an SEO expert requires. You can get a job in a company which can let you earn handsome money.

You may even work independently and work for different clients by working from home.


Q: SEO vs PPC? What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO compared to PPC?

One of the most important parts of digital marketing is the marketing strategy. The most famous strategies are SEO and PPC.

Before choosing your career as an SEO expert you should know the importance of these two in digital marketing and what is the scope of these two marketing strategies.

But before that let us know what is PPC as you already know about SEO.

PPC, also known as pay per click, is a relatively easy way of getting immediate traffic from users but as the name suggests you need to pay for it.

The strategy of PPC marketing is to get your links in the additional sections as per the keyword searches. Your links will appear on the front page on the top of the SERP as per the user’s keyword search in Google. 

PPC gives immediate results in comparison to SEO. But using SEO will help you get reliable sources to get organic leads.

Let us throw some light on the advantages of SEO in comparison to PPC:


The very first thing that is hands down the advantage of using SEO as a marketing strategy is that it arrives high-quality traffic.

The traffic derived from SEO is organic and it arrived as per that search engine keyword used by the users. So so it can be said that this type of traffic can result in targeted and genuine customers.


If we drive traffic with the help of SEO then it is going to have a long-term effect by deriving the organic traffic on a website.

It gives a boost to the search engine result pages and it doesn’t require a continuous update as the traffic is generated with the help of Keyword research and optimization of a website. If we look at it in a wider spectrum of ten it is going to have a long-lasting effect on the website ranking as the website is going to generate continuous traffic organically.


When it comes to establishing an online business the very base element of that is to build trust and awareness in the visitors. The more your website is visible to the customers the more reliability of the information provided by your website will increase.

Generally, It is seen that many users don’t tend to believe websites or brands that appear in the advertisement on the Google result pages. 

But if the site appears on the Google search pages and has a good ranking position, then it is more likely that your brand will be trusted by the users and it may generate organic leaves which may result in generating more revenue for the website. This is the reason why SEO can be considered a long term but reliable investment.


This is the most important aspect of SEO. No matter how time-consuming it is but it derives effective results and it is cheaper than other marketing methods or strategies that suggest pay per click.

By now you may have understood that though PPC is a relatively easy method of generating leads in comparison to SEO, it is not recommended. SEO certainly has an upper hand in comparison to PPC. So using an SEO marketing strategy is the best form of digital marketing strategy.

Best institutes for SEO in Jaipur in 2021?

Now that you know that how as you can change your life and get you a reliable and sound earning career you must be looking for institutes that can provide you SEO knowledge and educate you about it.

Various institutions provide SEO courses both offline as well as online. So which one is the best?

Here are some of the most famous and trusted digital marketing Institute that can help you in learning SEO with their SEO courses. They are:

  1. Digital Orix
  2. Quibus Trainings Digital Marketing Institute
  3. DigiXP
  4. The DMI Jaipur
  5. SK DigiTech 
  6. DICAZO Computer Institute and so on. 

So what are you waiting for? Build your Successful career in SEO in 2021 now! 

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