Dr. Vani's Personlized Diet Plan

Dr.Vani Srinivas MBBS MD FAN( Fellowship in Applied Nutrition) is a medical Doctor, done her post-graduation in Biochemistry, and later has done Fellowship in Applied nutrition at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, Certified Degree of Human Applied Nutrition- Cambridge, UK.

Astra wellness Personalized Diet Plan

Is your hectic lifestyle affecting your health?

Has your diet gone for a toss due to your busy schedule?

Are you eating way too much junk food?

Do you feel your diet lacks the essential nutrition you need?

Do you often feel lethargic and low on energy?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then you do need to revamp your diet and make changes to your lifestyle as early as possible. The Astrawellness personalized diet plan will take care of your diet issues and restore you back to optimum health. Visit Astrawellness, the best nutrition clinic in Hyderabad, and talk to the expert diet consultant there who will create a customized diet plan for you. 

Why do I Need a Personalized Diet Plan?

If you feel your diet lacks essential nutrients, and if you have no time to plan your diet due to your busy lifestyle, you need the services of a professional diet consultant. Such a nutritional expert will look into your eating habits and lifestyle and organize your diet appropriately by preparing a personalized diet plan.

A personalized diet plan will:

  • Reduce body fat and retain muscle mass
  • Lessen the risk factors that arise with obesity like diabetes, hypertension, and other ailments
  • Enhance your life quality
  • Help you avoid inappropriate foods and improve your eating habits
  • Reduce the chances of future weight gain

The diet plan will help meet your goals, whether to lose weight, add more bulk, or improve your energy levels. 

What is Astrawellness’s Personalized Diet Plan?

It is a unique diet plan crafted by the best nutrition consultant in Hyderabad taking into account your current physical health, BMI, eating habits, nutritional requirements, and the goals you wish to achieve.

What are the Features of the Astrawellness Personalized Diet Plan Programme? 

The Astrawellness Personalized Diet Plan program has these features:

  • Video or telephonic consultation with seasoned nutritionists and other experts
  • Preparing a tailor-made diet plan that aligns with your goals and medical condition
  • Total confidentiality assured about your personal information
  • Affordable fees with complete satisfaction are guaranteed for money invested

Steps involved in Astrawellness Personalized Diet Plan Programme?

When you visit Astrawellness, the best diet consultant in Hyderabad, our experienced nutritionist will formulate a personalized diet plan that will include:

  1. Consult Online with Experts

You can have a detailed online consultation with our nutrition expert over the telephone or through a video call. Talk freely with our friendly expert and provide details about your family history, medical records, eating habits, lifestyle, special food cravings, and more. You get the convenience of consulting at a suitable time without needing to visit the clinic.

  1. Analyzing your Personal Information

We evaluate your Body Mass Index (BMI), understand your weight and height, and assess your latest blood reports, your hormone and enzyme levels, and other vital information. Our expert also notes how your body systems and organs are functioning. 

  1. Creating your Personalized Diet Plan

After analyzing your information, our nutritionist will make a personalized diet plan that will help you attain your goals and take care of any nutritional deficiency you may have. We will monitor your progress for 14 days and if needed, we will incorporate changes into your plan that will work better for you.

What is the cost of the AstraWellness Personalized Diet Plan program?

Investment for your Personalized Diet Plan will be:

  • Astra Personalized Diet Plan Programme – 3 months – INR 20,000/-
  • Astra Personalized Diet Plan Programme – 2 months – INR 9,000/-
  • Astra Personalized Diet Plan Programme – 1 month – INR 5,000/- 


We are the No.1 center for diet and nutrition counseling in Hyderabad and assure you that you will be most happy after receiving our services.

Success Stories of People who are Gaining by AstraWellness Personalized Diet Plan Programme

Scores of people have gained perfect health and fitness by adopting our personalized diet plan program. Here are a few success stories:

Anjali Varma writes:

Dr. Vani has a very balanced approach to reach one’s health goals. After following her diet plan, my husband managed to lose weight gradually without feeling weak or hungry.

Another positive point about Dr. Vani’s diet plan is that it is very easy to follow as she recommends food that can be easily made with normal, easily available resources.

She also provides alternate options in case one is not comfortable with a particular item.

Keep up the good work, Dr. Vani.

Will surely get back to you when needed.


Thanks and regards,



Hemant Kumar G writes:

Dr. Vani’s diets are customized and flexible. She gives a good balance of carbs and proteins and makes sure you won’t be hungry. Even if you are going out for dinner or lunch, she mentions what we can eat and how to balance the excess calories. Dr. Vani is an excellent nutritionist.

Which is the Best Nutrition Clinic in Hyderabad? 

Astrwellness is the leading center for diet and nutrition counseling in Hyderabad due to its professional and scientific approach to diet counseling. The redeeming features of their personalized diet plan are online consultation from home at your chosen time with experienced and skilled nutritionists, a customized diet made as per your unique requirements, and the flexibility to bring changes to the diet plan if needed.    

Who is the Best Dietician in Hyderabad?

Today, Astrawellness is regarded as the best nutrition clinic in Hyderabad, thanks to the support of Dr. Vani who works here as a full-time consultant. An MBBS and MD, Dr. Vani has a Fellowship in Applied Nutrition (FAN) from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. She has also obtained a post-graduation degree in Biochemistry and a certified degree in Human Applied Nutrition, Cambridge, UK.   


With around 12+ years of valuable experience in the medical arena, Dr. Vani is a doctor cum nutritionist and has in-depth knowledge about how the internal body systems work and can expertly gauge the medical condition of her clients. With her rich experience and know-how, she will assess your medical status and other personal details to create the perfect personalized diet plan that will create wonders for your body and mind.

Academic Experirnce

MBBS – Kakatiya medical college, Warangal.

MD – Gandhi medical college, Hyderabad.

FAN – Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Certified in Human Applied Nutrition – Cambridge, UK.