Dr.Vani's Weight Gain Programme

Dr.Vani Srinivas MBBS MD FAN( Fellowship in Applied Nutrition) is a medical Doctor, done her post-graduation in Biochemistry, and later has done Fellowship in Applied nutrition at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, Certified Degree of Human Applied Nutrition- Cambridge, UK.

Astra Wellness Body Transformation – Weight Gain

Is your weight a bit too much on the lower side?

Do you look too lean and older for your age?

Are you unsure how to add more weight healthily?

Worry no more! We have the right remedy for your dilemma.

To gain weight in a healthy way, all you need to do is visit Astawellness Nutrition Cente, the best weight gain center in Hyderabad. Whatever your reasons for gaining weight, whether you want to build bulging muscles or are recovering from a bout of illness, the Astrawellness nutrition weight gain program is perfect for reaching the weight you long for.

What is Astrawellness Nutrition Weight Gain Programme?

Our weight gain program is a unique concept that involves nutritional counseling, evaluating your BMI, assessing your current medical condition, and analyzing your eating habits to prepare a customized diet plan that will work best to meet your goals. You can confide in our experienced nutritionist, the best doctor for gaining weight in Hyderabad who will help you reach your ideal weight.    

What Should be My Ideal Weight? What are BMI and Ideal BMI?

The ideal weight is not the same for each person and depends on their sex, height, current weight, muscle-fat ratio, present health condition, and other factors. Calculating the BMI is usually the method people follow to ascertain a person’s ideal weight. 

BMI is the value arrived at using a person’s mass and height and denotes the percentage of body fat. You are said to have an ideal weight if your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 and are underweight if your BMI falls below18.5.   

Pay a visit to Astrawellness Nutrition Centre, where you can consult with their reputed nutritionist and dietician for weight gain in Hyderabad to know your BMI.

Why Should I Gain Weight?

Even though being lean can be a good thing, if you are underweight, it can be a cause for concern. This is especially so if you are lean because of poor nutrition or if you are pregnant or are recovering from some ailment.

If you weigh too little, your immune system may become weak, you may feel low on energy and tired all the time, and your bones may become fragile. A visit to Astrawellness, the reputed weight gain fitness center in Hyderabad, will help you gain those kilos you want.

Why should I choose the Astrawellness Programme for Weight Gain? 

The Astrawellness program is ideal for you because of these unique features:

  • Highly qualified nutritionists and doctors with whom you can consult
  • Consult online with our experts from your home’s comforts 
  • Tailor-made diet plan based on your unique needs
  • We ensure the confidentiality and safety of your personal details
  • Flexible plans with the most reasonable rates

Steps Involved in the Astrawellness Programme to Gain Weight

Our uniquely crafted underweight treatment program consists of these steps:

  • Consultation with Experts Online

We realize how difficult it is to take time off from work and how busy you are, and that is why we provide the convenience of online consulting. Use any device, your laptop, tab, or phone to consult our weight gain specialists at your chosen time.

  • Determining the Best Diet Plan for You

Here, we analyze your latest blood reports and jot down your hormone deficiencies or imbalances (if any) that may be hindering your weight gain, enzyme levels, and other details. We also get to know all about your organs and other body systems, look at your lifestyle, current eating habits, food allergies, cravings for junk food or sweets, and other details. All these help us determine the perfect diet plan that will work best for you.

  • Consultation at our Clinic

Based on your data, we craft a personalized diet plan and provide weight gain diet counseling on what nutrient-rich foods you need to consume to add weight. We also prescribe vitamin or mineral supplements that will take care of any deficiencies. Our nutritionist will review your diet plan in 14 days to determine if the course is working well and make appropriate changes if necessary.

What is the Cost of the Astrawellness Nutrition Weight Gain Programme?

What you need to invest to gain weight:

  • Astra Wellness Programme – 1 month – INR 5,000/- 
  • Astra Wellness Programme – 2 months – INR 9,000/-
  • Astra Wellness Programme – 3 months – INR 20,000/-


How Much Time Will it Take to Gain Weight by Astrawellness Programme?

The time taken to gain weight is relative to factors like:

  • Present medical condition
  • Metabolism rate
  • Weight at the time of consultation  


Being the best weight gain program in Hyderabad, we guarantee you will achieve your targeted weight within the time you expect.

Success Stories of People Who Gained Weight by Astrawellness Programme

Numerous people have benefitted from our weight gain diet counseling. We share a few success stories with you here:

Sandeep Vuppala:

I consulted with Dr.Vani, the clinical Nutritionist at ASTRA WELLNESS, for weight gain issues. Previously I used to suffer from GI disturbances, gastritis, low energy levels, and a slight downfall in my weight. Thought it was time to consult a Doctor as well as a Nutritionist, and to my luck, could find both degrees in a single person. After consulting the Doctor & following the diet chart, I happened to gain 3.5kgs in a span of 4 weeks, just by following 75% of the diet advice given in the diet chart. Feeling more energetic, my GI disturbances have decreased, able to spend more time with family and career in a healthy and productive way.


Sadashiv M

I was losing weight constantly, When heard about Dr. Vani in Astra health care, & explained about my weight loss, she started her treatment for six months I have put across 6 kgs.

Thanks to Dr. Vani madam.

Which is the Best Weight Gain Centre in Hyderabad? 

Astra wellness is indeed the No.1 weight gain center in Hyderabad due to its unique approach and scientific methods that always get the best results. We have won the trust of hundreds of clients with our customized services that include convenient online consulting, and expert advice from highly skilled nutritionists and doctors. 

Who is the Best Dietician in Hyderabad for Weight Gain?

Dr. Vani is no doubt the top nutritionist and dietician for weight gain in Hyderabad. She has been consulting full-time for Atrawellness and is highly qualified, being an MBBS and MD, along with a Fellowship in Applied Nutrition (FAN) from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. 

Having completed post-graduation in Biochemistry, she even has a Certified Degree in Human Applied Nutrition, Cambridge, UK. With more than than 12 years of in-depth experience in the medical arena, she understands her clients’ internal body chemistry and medical condition inside out. Clients visiting Astrawellness, the leading weight gain center in Hyderabad, have full faith in her abilities to solve their weight issues and have always enjoyed the best outcomes.  

Academic Experirnce

MBBS – Kakatiya medical college, Warangal.

MD – Gandhi medical college, Hyderabad.

FAN – Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Certified in Human Applied Nutrition – Cambridge, UK.