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The first impression is the last. Your website has to be the solution that meets all your needs. Whether it’s regarding driving traffic or converting leads, we ensure that it captivates your ideal customers and keeps them immersed in your portal.

Ctrl+Alt+Profit: Why Your Business Needs A Compelling Website


It’s often mentioned that the world is now in our hands, and information is at our fingertips. And having a firm online presence can generate more revenue. But still, the majority of business owners don’t realise the importance of having a rousing website.

Instead of considering your website a liability, reexamine your perception to view it as a valuable investment opportunity.

This change in outlook will help you appreciate the substantial benefits of this investment, such as an environment that showcases your brand’s vision & story.

Therefore, having a user-friendly, sleek, and catchy website plays a pivotal role in boosting your conversion rates. Moreover, it describes your market presence and sets you apart from the rest by providing them (ideal customers) with what they need.

We Have The Know-How To Design And Develop Websites on Various Platforms.

With Digital Orix (The best web development company in Jaipur), you’ll not only gain access to an aesthetic website but a crew who is skilled in addressing the full spectrum of challenges linked with it, by utilizing these various platforms and technologies effectively.



This comprehensive, user-friendly E-commerce platform provides multiple features to its users that aid them in making informed business decisions. With 2.1 million active daily users, Shopify helps you explore different product lines and sales channels.


One of the many reasons as to why you should consider using it is because it's free as in freedom. WordPress, which boasts a staggering 810 million websites in its portfolio, is quite easy to navigate. Big brands like Sony Music, Techcrunch, CNN Press Room, and Spotify Newsroom prefer WordPress as their content management system.


If you're actively online, chances are you might know this web builder portal thanks to its pop-up ads. And if you're new to the realm of website building, then its affordable plans packed with hundreds of templates & in-demand features are something that needs to be explored.
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This all-in-one business platform provides some incredible, easy-to-use features that empower business owners and course creators to foster their businesses online.


This beginner-friendly website portal has an intuitive and simple user interface that can't be beaten. With its unlimited bandwidth and storage facility, this portal provides its users with unlimited, customizable templates with its drag-and-drop layouts.


Squarespace is a newbie web development platform known for its user-friendly design and visually appealing templates. Restrictive yet beautiful, this premium-priced provider is perfect for a solid blogging suite, small business owners, and the e-commerce sector that simplifies your web design & site creation.


Designed from scratch, uniquely tailored and delivered with enthusiasm.

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We are a team of experienced professionals for building and promoting websites. Doing it for more than a decade now, we have served thousands of satisfied clients. Our team prepares every site while keeping in mind that it brings long term benefits. Along with skilled designers, our team also comprise professionals for Content and Search Engine Optimisation.

Now, let’s come to how we work!

We initiate the process by understanding our client, the business, the market, and the needs. While going ahead with the process, we keep ourselves double-sure of presenting a business in the most inventive way while meeting the requirements of the search engine. Along with the integrity and the passion for the work, we also consider regular communication a must!


Our Work Process

Our proven process ensures that every step we take is strategic and goal-oriented.

Information Gathering

The first step for designing a great website is understanding the clients’ requirements. As the best web design and development company, our creative team collects information about your business. We gather information like your business goals, key competitors, target audience, and other information unique to your business.


After information gathering comes the planning. We put together a plan to create an easy to navigate and user-friendly website. We develop a sitemap giving you a clear idea of the website’s information architecture. Page hierarchies and content silos are created, technology stack and software development methodology chosen.

UI/UX Design

Next comes UI/UX design and development where our UI/UX design experts combine information from the sitemap to establish multiple design concepts and directions. In this phase, a wireframe with basic page elements is created, images and colour scheme established, and once the layout is approved, we translate the design to a live site.

Content And SEO

The most important aspect of any website is content and SEO. Once the wireframe is in place, our team of experienced SEO experts do competitive research, analyse and research keywords, and optimize the web pages accordingly. Simultaneously, our professional content writers write informative and keyword-rich content.


Once the website is ready with all the images and content, we run a series of final checks to see that the website runs smoothly and is bug-free. Our testing team thoroughly tests each page and links, validates codes, compatibility checks on different web browsers and mobile devices, optimize functionality and performance.


Once the testing is complete, the website is transferred to the client’s live server. We use File Transfer Protocol software for this and just before the launch our web development consultants run a final diagnostic check and launch your UI/UX website. We handover all the documentation and source files as well as offer a maintenance plan.

Let Your Website Work For You

We strongly believe in customer-centric design, which is evident as we incorporate it deliberately into your website development process.

The Whys Behind Favouring Our Web Development Services

We know that it’s tough for brands to set up the entire online experience. That’s why Digital Orix- a leading website design agency- fulfils your manifestation of getting a website that forges an unshakable impression between your brand and ideal customers.

Free Hosting For 365 Days

As a premier website development agency, we provide free web hosting for 365 days.

Complimentary SSL certificate

Upon completing your website, you'll be given a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification that assures your site's highest level of security at no cost.

Mobile Friendly

We do create mobile-friendly websites, as we don't want your business to forfeit the chance to- establish trust and credibility among your ideal customers and to get 57% of all web traffic leads and conversions.

SEO-Friendly Websites

Our experts keep the search engine crawlers and Google's gudielines in mind while developing your website.

Extended Help

Your satisfaction is our primary concern, and that is why we provide you- ongoing support for one month right after your website is delivered.

Talented Creatives

With a stronger process backed by visionary talents, we aim to discover and create new for our clients. We try to explore and learn about those places where no one has ever thought to look. Lastly, we have empathy and mutual respect, which pushes us hard to stay ahead of the trends that make our clients shine.

Agile and Surefire Assistance

If you need any changes, updations, or additions, we address them with speed and precision.

Elated Clients

DIGITAL ORIX has served clients with a wide-ranging set of needs. And just like them, if you also want to transform your website into a world-class experience, get in touch with us to manifest your site's vision.

Captivating Copy

Content matters, and our proficient writers make your brand alive by not letting your content walk alone. Whether it's a messaging strategy that requires your brand voice or a website content strategy, we do it all to make your brand's story shine.

Have You Been Told


Consumers don’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.


Impressions are related to your website’s design.


Folks judge a brand’s credibility based on the site’s design.


Users are less inclined to revisit a website after a bad user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

we believe in providing clarity and peace of mind to our clients.

Shopify, WordPress, Kajabi, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are the platforms and technologies that we use for your brand web development.

Yes, we do create responsive and mobile-friendly websites, as we don’t want your business to forfeit the chance to:

  • Establish trust and credibility among your ideal customers.
  • And to get 57% of all web traffic leads and conversions.

Yes, we (a leading website design agency) provide e-commerce website development.

All-in-One SEO, MonsterInsights, Constant Contact, and MemberPress

are some of the many plugins that we integrate into your website. If you need any external tools or plugins, just give us a heads-up, and we’ll install it in no time.

Yes, once the wireframe is in place, our SEO experts will optimise each web page accordingly for Search Engines.

Usually, the time frame for developing a website depends upon three factors:

  • Your business goals.
  • How complex the concept is.
  • And the expertise it requires to build

Your satisfaction is our primary concern, and that is why we provide you:

  • Ongoing support for one month right after your website is delivered.
  • Besides this, if you need any changes, updations, or additions, we address them with speed and precision.

We will provide you with one year of complimentary hosting for your website.

If there are any unanswered questions, feel at ease to fill out our form and get your free consultation call (to get your answers) because our client’s success fuels the zeal of our work.

With Digital Orix, you can rest assured that your doubts will be resolved, and you’ll have the confidence to make informed decisions for your digital marketing initiatives.